Sunday, October 29, 2017

3.10 Ifs, Ands, and Butts

The Ladder of Divine Ascent 3.10: Be on the look out for this trick and wile of the thieves. For they suggest to us that we need not separate ourselves from people in the world and maintain that we shall receive a great reward if we can look upon women and still remain continent. We must not believe these suggestions, but rather the opposite.
We read it:
He who looks upon a woman to
After her commits adultery in his heart
But it should be read:
He who
Upon a woman to lust after her commits adultery.

"Is it wrong?"
Doesn't depend on what
The definition of "is"
Wrong is always wrong
So if you have to ask...

Eve said they couldn't even
The apple
But if she hadn't gone to
Look at it
There'd have been no serpent
To be deceived by

You can't stand the fruit
So get out of the garden
There's no ifs or ands
So don't
At the butts

Thursday, October 26, 2017

3.9 Got Rot?

The Ladder of Divine Ascent 3.9
Run from places of sin as from the plague. For when fruit is not present, we have no frequent desire to eat it.


It's not like we don't know it's there
With the calls of Bring out your dead!
And the carts piled with corpses out front

But have you ever tasted that fruit
That you know will kill you but there's
Every chance you'll go out smiling?

You know, they're not laughing with you
Nobody really like clowns unless
They're by nature and not by choice

There's a reason that look is called a
Coprophagous grin; it only tastes like honey
When you buzz around it all the time

It's better to want something you don't have
Than to have something you don't want
And even better to not have or want

So let the dead bring out their dead
And you rise up and follow the spirit
Let the fruit and the flesh rot away

Monday, August 28, 2017

3.8 Everything is Relative

The Ladder of Divine Ascent 3.8
Eve was exiled from Paradise against her will, but the monk is a willing exile from his home. She would have liked the tree of disobedience again; and he would certainly expose himself to frequent danger from relatives according to the flesh.

Everything is relative, even when it is not
Apples to apples; oranges put the squeeze on, too.
It's not important why you are an exile,
It's just imperative that you never go back home.
Any hovel is Paradise when the stars are your roof,
And every stranger is your brother when you are lonely.
It's better to be naked and ashamed than exposed
To the temptations of cuisine, comfort and companions.
Stolen fruit may rumble the belly for a while
But it tastes like nostalgia, like your mother's apple pie.
No one makes you childish as the one who made you a man;
Leave your mother and cleave to your wifelessness.
Forbidden fruit is superior to all the other fruits, let's face it;
If you've got to die, that's the way to go - but you don't have to.
Even when willing, be against your will, so that you will not
Return to your own will; where there is a will, there is no way.